Rp2040 cmsis-nn

While building the firmware for RP2040 at the Studio’s deployment page, I see the following compiler log:

[ 70%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/ei_rp2040_firmware.dir/edge-impulse-sdk/tensorflow/lite/micro/kernels/add.cc.obj
In file included from /app/firmware-pi-rp2040/edge-impulse-sdk/tensorflow/lite/micro/kernels/add.cc:2:
/app/firmware-pi-rp2040/edge-impulse-sdk/tensorflow/lite/micro/kernels/…/…/…/…/classifier/ei_classifier_config.h:49:107: note: #pragma message: CMSIS-NN enabled, but neither __ARM_FEATURE_DSP nor __ARM_FEATURE_MVE defined. Falling back.
49 | “CMSIS-NN enabled, but neither __ARM_FEATURE_DSP nor __ARM_FEATURE_MVE defined. Falling back.”)
| ^

Does it mean CMSIS NN is not being used?

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Hi @naveen,

That is correct. The RP2040 does not support CMSIS-Core (and other CMSIS components) out of the box (see this thread). You might be able to port CMSIS to the RP2040 (see this article), but it would be a hassle.


@naveen The RP2040 is a Cortex-M0+ which does not have vector extensions.