REST API contribution for linux sdk go


I have a REST API based implementation along with the linux sdk go package, where the model running as a microservice can send data to an endpoint by using REST.

I would like to contribute my development to the community, could anyone help me with how to make an open source contribution for edge impulse (linux sdk go)

  • On your Impulse Dashboard you can add text to describe how it works
  • Create a public GitHub repository for all the misc files

Addressing #1, is there any text format/template that has to be followed ?
Also, adding content to my impulse dashboard would keep it local to me only and not be available as a reference for the others right ?

Addressing #2, can the created public repo be mapped with the linux-sdk-go ?

Someone else will have to answer this.

  • You are free to format the text on your Studio Dashboard as you see fit.
  • You can make your EdgeImpulse Studio project public from the Dashboard:
    • This publishes the current version and you can keep improving you private version until you want to release a newer version.

@MMarcial, thank you so much for your response.

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