Replacing Model in Photon2 DoorbellSMS sample

Hello, I have the DoorbellSMS sample for the Photon2 working, and for next I would like to create new Edge Impulse model to recognize more words.

I’ve created the Edge Impulse model and I am looking for the process do generate and download the library and update my existing working code.

Can someone point me to the process to follow for this?


Hi @SpandaFC

Welcomme to the forum,

I recommend folllowing our Particle Library Guide and also this tutorial by Shawn on KWS: Create a Keyword Spotting System with Edge Impulse All of the material that works for Arduino will also work on Particle Keyword spotting - Edge Impulse Documentation

You can check our blog for other projects and updates: Edge Impulse Blog



Thanks Eoin!

What an amazingly powerful platform!

I have gone the tutorials and samples, there are two things that I have not found answers to:

  1. How do you bring an updated Edge Impulse into your existing Arduino project that had the previous version of the Impulse ?

  2. Can you have more than one Impulse in one Arduino project, lets say a Audio Classifier and Image Classifier ?

Any pointers would be appreciated !


Hi @SpandaFC

Thank you, and for the feedback, let me try to answer them:

  1. The easiest way is to go to the arduino directory on your computer and replace the library with the new one. Then you dont need to reimport the library
  2. What you are referring to I believe is Sensor fusion which is available for some sensors, on some boards, and combines the input to build an Impulse: Sensor fusion - Edge Impulse Documentation

Shawn has an awesome tutorial on Sensor fusion, although not using the camera you can learn a lot about the concept here:

His course on Coursera is another great way to get started more generally on Edge AI and our platform: