Reorganising, downloading data?

Hello all,

I have uploaded and sliced data on the platform, however, I want to put certain samples into a different order… how can this be done via the platform functions or will I have to download the samples and put them together elsewhere…

ok, not a problem, but will I have to download each sample individually? That would be time consuming, is there a way to select all of the via the e.g. “select multiple items” and download all of them with one click?

Either way is it even needed to put the sample back together… (please see my previous post about that) I am wondering, if the samples or features are left alone but are randomly juggled to produce the final so called feature on what I want the NN to be learned…

Thank you in advance for any comments, suggestions you may have, and please do not hesitate to ask if you need more information.

Looking forward to your reply!


Hi @mu234 just go to Dashboard > Export and you can grab all data from there!

Cheers! Thank you it works like charm, since you are here, please comment as well, my 1st post :slight_smile: if I have to put the words together in one syllabus (command) to train the NN, or can I work on individual samples?