Reduced model size

Hello , i had created a application with Bluetooth functionality using edge impulse library for kws .I had taken some measurements for flash ,sram size and i noticed that now after i downloaded again the same project library the sizes are smaller . Did this happen due to an update from edge impulse ?

Hi @tiriotis,

That’s correct, we’ve recently improved our audio classification blocks, read more about it here:


Hi , does this new update requires the nrf-connect-sdk 1.6.0 version for nordic boards ?

When i try to import the new library it builds successfully for my nrf52840 ,but when i flash i get no output.

@tiriotis We’ve indeed updated to nRF Connect SDK 1.6. Does this persist if you do a clean build (remove build folder) first?

I updated to the 1.6 and now it works fine .