Record hours of data in the field

How do I perform a continuous 10-12 hour recording?

Context/Use case:
I have a nRF5340 (Thingy53) board. I want to record a full day’s worth of data in the field continuously. (I will have to manually segment and label this data later.)
It’s important that this be done reliably, ideally even with an intermittent internet connection.
Currently I only know of two ways to obtain sensor recordings from the device.

  1. Connect it to a PC, and use the EI web interface to initiate a recording. This feels fragile and unlikely to work for such long recordings without manual stop/start.

  2. Write a program to speak to the device over serial, issue the write AT+ commands to record, and dump the recording file contents, and store them locally (off device). This is currently my leading option, but it’s not ideal because while it can be automated it still results in gaps in the data when the data file download happens. I was wondering if there is a ready to use solution similar to this.

Hello @mlexpress,

  1. If you are using the Nordic Thingy:53, there is a mobile app that you can use:
    Nordic Semi Thingy:53 - Edge Impulse Documentation
    But I don’t think it supports sending multi commands on a time frame (like start the recording every minute during 10-12h).

  2. Yes that is a way that will give you more flexibility. You can also do that over BLE if that is easier and then like for the Nordic mobile app, grab the raw data from the device on a remote device, either store it or send it to EI (or do both in case of any issue).