RE: Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Rev2 Support?

The Rev2 Arduino Nano 33 BLE has issues - I would appreciate your help with.
I am trying to get it to recognise a word “HelpMe” and reached the last training step (following @janjongboom 's video) and a strange error pops up - “Transfer learning requires a spectrogram input”
@janjongboom how do I overcome this in the last step to create my model.

Hi @odsouza

Can you share a screenshot of your impulse, and your project id? You may have incompatible blocks, I have not seen this error before. Thanks!



For recognizing the keyword “Right” my Impulse looks like this:

Is your Impulse setup like this?

Hi Everyone, I have created a detailled tutorial for solving all the issues with REV2 version & Edge Impulse. Please check it out : How to Fix issues | Arduino Nano 33 REV 2 | Edge Impulse | AI