Raw features truncated copy/paste

Hi, I’ve been following the EI documentation and have found several helpful posts to build my model as a c++ library on a Pi Zero W. It took a while, but I got it to build! I’m now facing this message when I’m trying to run the compiled ‘app’:
ERROR: The size of the input buffer is not correct.

Expected 25600 items, but got 5887

Is it possible the copy/paste from the Live Classification Raw Features is getting truncated? I’m copy/pasting on a mac to create the main.cpp file, then transferring and building the file directly on the Pi Zero. Is there any way to directly download the Raw Features rather than having to copy/paste? Thank you!

Stepped away for a while and tried again. Seems that Safari was truncating the copy from the Raw Features. Just tried with Chrome and it looks like I’m getting the full copy/paste. Rebuildinggggg.

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Hello @Zippyelf,

Glad to hear that! Thanks for having explained how you solved your issue here for the community.