Raspberry Pi Pico Stability Issues

The Edge Impulse ei_rp2040_firmware.uf2 is highly unstable and does not work as intended even after flashing the firmware on to the board it fails to connect through $ Edge-impulse-daemon and only works sometimes after flashing the device repeatedly and resetting it with flash_nuke.uf2 even when it connects and be able to sample the data from the analog pin A0 the data is really noisy compared to reading it from another IDE and sometimes fails to sample really wish there was a way to make the firmware run on other pins as well so that we can interface it with other sensors as well.
There is no proper instructions to how to build the firmware manually as it would have been a great help.

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Hello @AeroSurge,

You can find here some more detailed instruction on how to build the firmware: https://github.com/edgeimpulse/firmware-pi-rp2040
Please, let us and the community here know if you improved parts, we’ll be happy to review it.

Let me know if that helps,