Raspberry Pi Pico Adruino Library "PDM was not delared in this scope"

When trying to compile either the rp2040.mic or the rp2040.mic_continuious in Arduino IDE it throws the error " Compilation error: ‘PDM’ was not declared in this scope."
I have looked through all the associated files and everything seems to check out, so I am not sure what the issue is. I attached an image of the compiler error.
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I am using this code to run a PDM mic audio classification impulse. I was able to build the code binary file using Visual studio but wanted to switch to Arduino IDE for easier access to all its associated library’s.

Did you include the PDM library?

#include <PDM.h>

yes, it is included already at the top of the code and the PDM library is already installed on the IDE

I figured it out after sitting down and really ingesting all the code and subfiles. The Arduino IDE library generated needs to have a PDM class object initialized in order for the Arduino code to work. So I added Class PDMClass(data_PIN,CLK_pin,-1) at the top. The rest of the .cpp and .h files had a few code issues as well that had to be fixed. Once I get everything completely working and tested, I will upload a link to GitHub for others to use hopefully easier.

Hi @BJOHN159, would you mind sharing exactly what you did to fix your issue? I’ve been stuck on what sounds to be the same issue as you, and I’d love to hear what you did.

I believe this is the solution. I haven’t tested it in depth yet, but I managed to compile the source code without any problems using the PDM.h library for RP2040. https://ibb.co/dPRMjgt