Quant Failure in saved_model-> BYOM

Question/Issue: In BYOM utilities I’ve uploaded tensforflow saved_model.zip and provided a representative data in .npy. I’m getting below error

Container image pulled!
Job started
Extracting saved model…
Extracting saved model OK

Converting to TensorFlow Lite…
Converting to TensorFlow Lite OK

Converting to TensorFlow Lite (quantized)…
WARN: Failed to convert to TensorFlow Lite (quantized): tensorflow/lite/kernels/concatenation.cc:158 t->dims->data[d] != t0->dims->data[d] (16 != 40)Node number 46 (CONCATENATION) failed to prepare.

Application exited with code 1

Converting SavedModel failed, see above
Job failed (see above)

What could be the problem.
Project ID:

Context/Use case:

Hi @amitroy

The error you’re encountering during the conversion to TensorFlow Lite (quantized) suggests a discrepancy in the dimensions of your model tensors. This could be due to incompatible layer configurations or incorrect input shapes. Double-check your model architecture and input data to ensure consistency.

Can you please share the project ID so we can have someone take a look?