Q on quality of KWS with Nicla Voice

Hi. Now that we have Syntiant-RC-Go-Stop Nicla - Dashboard - Edge Impulse operational, the NN is working but the audio pickup is poor. Granted that the Nicla Voice (NDP120) is a single microphone design, we are interested to understand on how to achieve the quality pitched by Syntiant here:

Syntiant NDP120 Far Field Demonstrations - YouTube

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  1. Can we use Edge Impulse to build our custom KWS database with a target PCBA using the NDP120?

  2. Who will supply the code / binaries to support the operation of the NDP120 with farfield / barge in support (like the above shared video link)?

  3. Have not reviewed it yet but is the Edge Impulse project with the Stop / Go demo with the source code to allow us to build customized triggers and output strings? For example, the ‘STOP / GO’ text can be changed, etc. ? Will study this soon.

Assuming that the synpkg pre-built packages are from Syntiant and perhaps responsible for the quality of the audio pickup and hooks into the Edge Impulse NN code?

Are the farfield / barge in, etc. features extras from Syntiant or are standard from Edge Impulse?

Hi @mon2

  1. The Arduino Nicla voice features the NDP120: Arduino Nicla Voice - Edge Impulse Documentation

  2. If you require a custom PCB to be supported that is something that we can offer but it would be part of a separate conversation. You can mail me if you wish to arrange a conversation on the process involved, if your company is at the stage of bringing a product to market.

  3. Keyword spotting - Edge Impulse Documentation