Python SDK Classify

which tutorial I should follow to complete my task.
how do I get the modelfile.eim from this tutorial Edge Impulse Python SDK | Edge Impulse Documentation to apply to this tutorial this github code linux-sdk-python/examples/audio/ at master · edgeimpulse/linux-sdk-python · GitHub for audio classify

Hi @Rifhans,

Keep in mind there are two Python SDKs. One is the Linux Python SDK for performing inference using .eim models. The other is the edgeimpulse Python package for automating some aspects of Edge Impulse (e.g. training, deployment).

At this time, the only way to deploy a .eim model using the edgeimpulse package is to bring-your-own-model (BYOM) using the deploy() function.

You can also deploy a .eim model from with Studio by searching for “Linux” on the deployment page: Linux EIM Executable | Edge Impulse Documentation. Or, you can download the .eim file for your Linux device by using the following CLI tool on that device:

edge-impulse-linux-runner --download modelfile.eim

Once you have the .eim file, you can run it using the code you referenced in your second link.