PSoC 6 MCU porting completed!

I have ported Edge Impulse SDK for PSoC6 MCU. I am using it on the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit but it should work on any PSoC 6 MCU. Please see the code at GitHub here:

You need to copy the directory cy8ckit-062-ble and ei_classifier_porting.h from the link above in your projects.

EDIT: Also, I created a PR :



@naveen, awesome work! I’m still contemplating whether we should add the porting layer you have to the core SDK. You can also just include the .c files from the cy8ckit-062-ble porting layer in your project. Then you don’t need to have the guards there either and it’ll just compile.

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@janjongboom Thanks for your suggestions! You are right, it could be added directly in the project.

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