Project saved are now empty

Hi, I’m Roberto and new of this forum. I the previous weeks I’ve saved some projects used to teste edge impulse and connected an Arduino Sense BLE. Few minutes ago entering in Edge Impulse I’ve see that my projects (specially the #5 ) are present but without data save and the board isn’t registered.
Is it a temporary fault of platform or there is a maximum time where data and devices are keept stored?
tks Roberto.

@bob63, which of your projects is this? I see multiple.

edit: sorry, missed the v5. Looking now.

edit 2: We can take this over email if you want as well (just drop me an email at, but I don’t see anything related to bob63-project-1 v5 (ID 10801) in any of our logs. The project was created on 2020-11-04 22:46:48.40165+00 but there has not been any data in this project according to our database or our object store (which are both append-only).

For your other projects:

  • In project bob63-project-1 (ID 5016) I see lots of data that was removed on 2020-11-01 09:12:02.098684. If this was a mistake just let me know and I can recover this data.
  • Project bob63-project-1 v1 (ID 10802) seems to have all the data in there, I don’t see any deleted data in the database either.
  • The same applies to project bob63-project-1 v6 (ID 10803) - all data seems to be there, and I don’t see any delete data.

Please let me know!

Hi Jan , thank you for the fast replay !
I’ve not idea what happened on project 5 , may be a my mistake … :smirk:
Fortunately I’ve downloaded the arduino sketch that works fine.
I’ll create a new project again. No problem…
Thanks for now.

p.s Great job Edge Impulse … :+1: