Problems with stmcubeide using the C++ lib

Good day
I am working on a home project to use condition minitoring with the following parts: mpu6050 , and
I am haveing a problem solving flash overflowed errors and to add my sensor.
What was created with edge impulse with flash required should not given me that error.

Hello @Aesystem! Agree, for measurement and sensing you should not have any real challenges with resource utilization. Have you tried looking at: This is the tried and true way of deploying on the STM32 devices.

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@Aesystem If you have a flash overload it might be related to STM32 - final elf binary is 60 times bigger than expected - which we try to track down - could you email me your STM32Cube.IDE project at ? I’ll see which macros / compile options should be set.