Problems with deployment to OpenMV

I’m trying to deploy the model to OpenMV. However, after clicking the ‘Build’ button, the .zip file downloaded does not contain trained.tflite and labels.txt. Instead, the .zip files contains multiple BIN files as shown here.

I also find that another one of my projects, which can be correctly deployed a few days ago, now faces the same problem. How to fix this problem? Thanks a lot.
Project ID 87272


You’d want to download the OpenMV library instead of the Firmware. The latter is prebuilt binaries to that can be flashed directly.


I see. But I cannot find ‘OpenMV Library’ in the deployment page. Only ‘OpenMV Firmware’:

Yea that’s right. It’s not publicly available yet. We’re currently beta testing the library deploy option. This should be available soon. Can you proceed with the firmware binaries for now?

Thx a lot. :grin:
I don’t know how to deal with the firmware binaries. I shall just wait until the Openmv Library is available.

@rjames When will the OPENMV library be released?

Hello @pkqxlh ,

I cannot give you a rock-solid release date for now, we will update this thread when it will be released!



can you show us the code how to convert tensorflow model to tflite that support OpenMV?, i have tried to create model and convert it with adding post training quantization , but when i use my model inside OpenMV it always deprecated