Problem with uploading WAV files

Here is my cmd lin:

edge-impulse-uploader --category training /home/ic6/Desktop/Projects_Final_Drafts/edge-impulse/Acoustic_guitar/

And this is the output:

Edge Impulse uploader v1.6.7

Upload configuration:
Label: Not set, will be infered from file name
Category: training
Cannot handle this file, only .wav, .cbor, .json, .jpg, .jpeg supported: /home/ic6/Desktop/Projects_Final_Drafts/edge-impulse/Acoustic_guitar/

The files I am trying to upload are all in .wav format:

Screenshot from 2020-06-18 12-18-34

You’ll need to specify the files in there, not the folder. So e.g.:

edge-impulse-uploader --category training /home/ic6/Desktop/Projects_Final_Drafts/edge-impulse/Acoustic_guitar/*.wav

(Notice the *.wav).

Great! It works.

Thanks, Jan