Problem with testing model

I am trying to test the model I built of face recognition with the “model testing” page in the website. I got this error:

File “/home/”, line 45
class_names_training = ['face
SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal

I am using a database I found online. does anyone know what could cause this issue?

SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal means that you did not end your string properly. I don’t know what the rest of your code looks like, but my guess is that a string is is not closed in the class_names_training list.

thanks for the help! I did not write any code, I am using the website to create the model. do you know how I can access the file class_names_training?

Hi @danielbs25,

You mentioned that you are using the website to do the testing. Could you provide a screenshot and project ID number so I can try to replicate the issue?

alright. after I downloaded the project I manually changed it and it worked, but I still cant do some things with it on the website. here is the screenshot:

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Hi @danielbs25,

This does seem to be a bug. Thank you for sharing this. I have filed an issue with our engineering team.

(btw, sorry for taking so long to reply)

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