Problem with MFE Filter

I am training an audio classifier using MFE, but the MFE block is failing to process. I tried reuploading a different dataset and adjusting the parameters, but it still doesn’t work. It might be a small problem, but any assistance will be highly appreciated.


Project ID: 114446

**Context/Use case: Audio classification **

Hi @momo,

Looks like a rounding issue linked the sampling frequency and window size. i.e with the 3416ms window and frequency of 44.1kHz, this gives a number of samples of 150646.6. Using a 3400ms window fixes the issue.
I’ll also report the bug to our team, let me know if that works on your side now.


Hi @aurel! Actually I tried quite a few configurations for the window size before reporting this. Seems likely that sometimes it is unable to round values when required, since I have faced this issue before.

It works now though! Thanks for the assistance!