Problem during log of selection


I’m trying to do the following tutorial : Using CubeAI on stm32
Unfortunately, i can’t achieve the step : adding the CMSIS-PACK
When i go to : "help --> Manage embedded software packages --> select from local " and add the .pack file generated thanks to CubeAI CMSIS-PACK, the following error appear during the download of the .pack :
“Invalid PDSC file name within pack.”

If someone can help me

Hi @raphael.chauvet, could you send me the pack at ? I’ll take a look.

Thanks for your help.


Hmm haven’t seen anything. What’s your project ID? I’ll run the export myself from there.

The problem was my ID : raphael.chauvet, the dot generate the pdsc invalid file name
I need to extract the .pack to modify all the raphael.chauvet in raphaelchauvet

Hop it will help others

Ah interesting! Will fix it in the pack generation code!

Yes, i think that you should ban dot in username, It would allow to prevent this problem.


Dots are fine in usernames, we should just escape the name properly when creating packs, we do similar things for Arduino projects too (they only allow a subset of characters and disallow certain prefixes).

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