Portenta Vision Shield justvartived

My Arduino Portenta Vision Shield just arrived, I will spend a bit of time with OpenMV, but wondering how well Edge Impulse is setup for working with this.

I assume the Arduino library is not ready, but hoping the micro-python files are fully functioning. Any suggestions?

The Edge Impulse Arduino libraries work as-is on the Portenta, but you’d need to hook up the camera to the signal_t get_data function to do classification on the live image function. I haven’t looked at the camera driver yet.

If the micropython environment works the same as OpenMV (I think it will at some point) you can reuse the OpenMV export but not sure if it’s done already.

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Very impressive!

I dragged the Camera Edge Impulse (made with my cell phone) OpenMV build files using all default setting onto the PortentaH7 with Vision Shield pop up drive. Changed RGB565 to GRAYSCALE and it worked great.

I have a Portenta Arduino correctly identyfing a Nano 33 IOT as a microcontroller.


Oh wow! I didn’t realize the OpenMV compatibility layer was already released, awesome!

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By the way, if you have one of these Portenta Vision Shields, especially any of the first shipments, it seems there is a electrical short potential if the camera touches the shield base. Which it could very easily do, so make sure you put a bit of insulation between the camera and the base of the shield.

I thought I had a dead vision shield when I only had a fried camera, switched the camera and everything is fine.