Portenta H7: Failed to get snapshot

Hello, the board Arduino Portenta H7 (M7 core) with VisionShield can be integrated as a device in an Edge project, but you can not access the camera. Every time the error message is displayed:
[SER] Snapshot stream error: ERR: Failed to retrieve snapshot (-1).
And the board keeps going offline with the error message:
Error: Timeout when waiting for snapshot to be started or idle.

I had already uninstalled Python 3.10.4. and installed 3.9.7. but without improvement.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @joe_bsz ,

What is the size of the image you are trying to capture?
Could you try with a smaller one?

If this still does not work, can you try to remove the shield and place it again?



Hello Louis, i have tried it today aggain, but it still didn’t work.

Hello @joe_bsz,

Could you share your project ID and which vision shield are you using?
I also suspect an issue with the board here. Could you try to use OpenMV IDE and see if you can get an image to make sure your vision shield works?



I have a Portenta H7 FOMO model running with 96x96 images.

The USB cable may be bad since the connection seems to be flaky.