Plot loss and accuracy graph for object detection


Is there anyway to plot the loss and accuracy graph for object detection? Notebook option is not available for object detection model.

@yahyatawil This is one of the features we are considering to add in the future and in general more analytics for object detection.

Hi @yahyatawil @yodaimpulse actually we’ll probably not add it (and the reason why we haven’t added it in the past) because I think it’s bad UX and should be something the computer can figure out much better. Things that you can deduce from this graph, like ‘is my model still learning’, ‘is my model overfit’ should be an integral part of the training pipeline and be managed for the developer. Rather than showing a graph and calling it solved we’re implementing early stopping, automatically indicating when a model is overfit (and why), etc.

Well, I agree that handeling it integrally with training is good, but I belive it is a well-known prove (a benchmark) of the training process. However, I think giving expert mode access to object detection model like other models is fair enough. BTW, usually this graph this important to be presented in the context of research papers and this is my case, actually :sweat_smile: .

@yahyatawil Yep, we’re working on that at the moment. Both smaller object detection models, and expert mode.