Planning stripped down Arduino to run EI models


I’m interested in experimenting and seeing how low I can get power consumption by making a stripped down “bare bones” version of an Arduino - while somehow maintaining Edge Impulse compatibility. Would someone be able to help get me started on the right path here?

Specifically, I have been using a Nano BLE (not Sense) and its accelerometer, but I don’t need the BLE module, and I’m sure there are plenty of other ways I could save power by making a stripped down version. Or maybe I’m wrong!

Any help would be appreciated, and I think this could be a worthwhile experiment!

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Hi, something like this could be a good option as a starting point: Can hook it up to a temperature and do something with cold chain monitoring?

@avielbr Biggest win is just not powering up anything and sleeping as much as possible. I don’t have an easy how-to (power management is hard) but I did do a lengthy writeup about power management and power modes here: that applies to any MCU. Basically: measure, find what leaks, repeat.

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Great writeup, Jan. Thanks for sharing. I have plans to research this with Edge Impulse and will of course share the results :slight_smile:

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