Pico Edge Impulse + Mqtt out of memory

What is the best solution to send the prediction result via mqtt? I tried to use lwip, but is giving Panic out of memory issue. Thanks

Hi @fd18,

If you are running out of memory, you have a few options:

  • Reduce the size of your neural network
  • Try a different DSP method that uses less memory
  • Use a different microcontroller with more memory
  • Use a co-processor: have one microcontroller handle sensing/inference that passes results to another microcontroller that handles networking (e.g. WiFi/MQTT) events

In addition to what Shawn stated:

  • Use the EI Studio “Quantized (int8)” model not the " Unoptimized (float32)".
  • If you can, switch to a different MQTT library that requires less memory or is better optimized for your particular use case.
  • Breaking up the MQTT message into smaller chunks and sending them sequentially instead of all at once.
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