Passing FOMO results data (to a different core on the Arduino Portenta)

If we wanted to pass the full results data from a FOMO or any other classification would we just pass these structs?

typedef struct {
    const char *label;
    uint32_t x;
    uint32_t y;
    uint32_t width;
    uint32_t height;
    float value;
} ei_impulse_result_bounding_box_t;

typedef struct {
    int sampling;
    int dsp;
    int classification;
    int anomaly;
    int64_t dsp_us;
    int64_t classification_us;
    int64_t anomaly_us;
} ei_impulse_result_timing_t;

typedef struct {
   // ei_impulse_result_bounding_box_t bounding_boxes[EI_CLASSIFIER_OBJECT_DETECTION_COUNT];
    ei_impulse_result_bounding_box_t bounding_boxes[10];
//    ei_impulse_result_classification_t classification[EI_CLASSIFIER_LABEL_COUNT];
    float anomaly;
    ei_impulse_result_timing_t timing;
    int32_t label_detected;
} ei_impulse_result_t;

// The big result coming from the M7 core of the Portenta to the M4 core
ei_impulse_result_t        resultM4;

I can pass serial data between cores using one of my examples here

Presently getting code to compile just no data is flowing. I will be doing some more testing.

Kind of related to this post Advanced Vision FOMO adding keras layers - #4 by Rocksetta

My github for this will be at here but the code is very messy as it has OLED and Motor code with it.