Particle Photon 2 not available as a target device

I recently purchased a Particle Photon 2 and was pleased to see the early adoption of Edge Impulse Support. I wanted to port one of my ESP32 Gesture recognition projects to the Particle photon seeing that it has more memory. I am using an MPU9250 and a few Hall effect sensors.

The Particle Photon 2 is listed as a supported device, yet I don’t see it as an option while selecting the target device.

I have looked into Shawn Hymel’s tutorial for the ADXL362 yet I can’t figure out how the Photon 2 is configured into the Edge Impulse studio.

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Hi @mastermindsid,

The Particle Photon 2 is not supported as a target device for profiling right now in Edge Impulse. Until it is added, you can select the BrickML as the next closest device (Arm Cortex M33).

However, please note that you do not need to set a target device to deploy your project to the Photon 2. From the Deployment page (after training your model), you can simply select “Particle library” as your deployment target. See this guide for more information.