OV7675 poor picture quality


I am using the Arduino Tiny ML kit - but the images are washed out (see below) any ideas?

Hi @Kingqwon,

I’m trying to reproduce the same, but for me it is working. Does it happen on the lower resolution (128x96) as well?


Hi @Arjan

I will attempt again as 128x96 :slight_smile:


Hi @Arjan

It is as if the camera doesnt have time to take the photo before the file is taken??


when I connect the NanoBLE webUSB - no problem :slight_smile:

when I connect the NanoBLE via a rpi3 running edge-impulse-daemon - I only get white images :frowning:

Very weird… The daemon does nothing except pipe the data through. Am I correct in seeing that the preview of the image is actually not washed out?

Hi @Kingqwon,

Additionally are you using the latest edge-impulse-daemon and the latest arduino nano 33 ble sense binary/firmware?

// Raul

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Hi @janjongboom

yes the preview is ok (for a cheap camera) but the image is washed out via the daemon on the rpi

your platform is awesome - as a hobbyist you have stopped me hating tensorflow :slight_smile:

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reflashed the Arduino

Great Joy!

Reflashed Arduino Nano - Reinstalled the edge-impulse-cli tools and it worked :slight_smile: - slight complaint from the script as I have arduino-cli 19.0

thanks for the advice



I’m running arduino-cli 0.19 as well (without any issue). So yes, we should up the number in our scripts :wink: