Out of Memory everytime want to generate feature

Hello, im trying to train FOMO on a 300-400 dataset but i always get out of memory whenever i tried to generate feature. please help me im trying to finsh my thesis :frowning: thankyou

Hi @suryanegara02,

Would you mind sharing your project ID?


Hello sir,
Project ID : 107813

I increased the DSP memory, let me know how it goes.


this always happen everytime i want to generate feature.
it was not like this at the first time

Hi @suryanegara02,

We’re investigating your issue and we’ll let you know asap once it’s fixed.



This has been fixed. Let me know if that works on your end.


it still happen again… still keeps on out of memory

Hello @suryanegara02 ,

Could you try to lower your image resolution in the Create Impulse tab and see if it fixes your issue?