Order of images in Labeling Queue for tracking?

Question/Issue: I am trying out the tracking functionality in the Labeling Queue, by uploading a video in separate frames (named img1000.jpg, img1001.jpg, img1002.jpg, …). However, if I want to label these with the option “track options between frames” in the Labeling Queue, the images do not appear in this logical numerical order, they are appearing in a apparently random order (img1021.jpg, img1040.jpg, img1042.jpg, img1051.jpg, …). The objects are of course jumping up and down in this order, and the tracker logically has trouble with it. Is there a way to make sure that the images appear in numerical order when you click each time on “Save Labels”?

Project ID: 309192

Context/Use case: Object detection for person detection in blind spot cameras

@tgoedeme Using edge-impulse-uploader (in the CLI), use --concurrency 1 - it’ll upload data in the order it finds.

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