Opensource and free tool to build vision AI on low cost FPGA

I am the author of opensource GitHub - ztachip/ztachip: Opensource software/hardware platform to build edge AI solutions deployed on FPGA or custom ASIC hardware.. All free under Apache license.
ztachip is complete SOC for IOT/AI/vision with embedded RISCV + AI/vision accelerator + your custom hardware logic all on one chip.
Link below is a youtube video about the project

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Oh wow my mistake @vuongdnguyen !

Thanks for clarifying, and indeed your project does look interesting! Did you want me to connect you with one of our experts or embedded engineers to create an integration?

We have a number of members working with FPGAs, for robotics and environment monitoring, let me share your post with them. @davidtischler_edgeim heads our expert network and will be the person to speak with about our open source community.

For now you can review this post as an example of one of the projects our experts has created on FPGA:



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