OpenMV Library Build Issue

Hello Everyone,

I’m running into an issue when I’m building the program to export to OpenMV H7 Plus. I get the error seen in the picture below.

I’ve followed all the other steps regarding the impulse from this video, so I can’t seem to figure out the issue.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I couldn’t find any other posts running into this problem, unfortunately.

Thank you,


Hi @darennie Did you create a new version for your Keras block by any chance? I see that we have a regression there, and will push out a hotfix in the next hour.

HI @janjongboom,

I might have done. I was playing around quite a bit at the start to get ahold of it all and might have created a new version. Do you think that this is what is affecting things?

In terms of the hotfix, will this fix the issue, or should I create a new project? If I create a new problem, is there a quick way to export the dataset to that new project?

Sorry for all the questions!

Thank you for the prompt response,


@darennie Quick fix is to remove the Transfer Learning block from Create impulse and recreate it. Alternatively the hotfix will solve the issue, no need to create a new project.

edit: Hotfix is now deployed.

It works without issue! Thanks so much!


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