OpenMV build option not available on deployment page

I am trying to deploy an OpenMV build, but the OpenMV option is not available on the Deployment page.

Hi @fred, what type of project are you building? OpenMV only shows up for image classification (not object detection).

Alternatively you can grab the .tflite file (int8 quantized inputs / outputs) from Dashboard. That’s the file OpenMV needs.

Thanks for the reply @janjongboom. You called it. I have an object detection impulse. I will see if I can change it to a transfer learning impulse and see what happens. Thanks again.

Hi @janjongboom, no luck. When I go to add a learning block, the only thing that shows up is object detection. The message it shows is “Some learning blocks have been hidden based on the data in your project.”.

Found it. On the Dashboard, there’s a field called “Labeling method” in “Project Info”. It needs to be “One label per data item”.

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