Opening JSON.file in Matlab

I am currently working on my final year project on Edge impulse
I have collected some data from an accelerometer and used data forwarder to import this data onto this platform. However, my supervisor asked me that if I can draw the trajectory of the sensor (accelerometer) on Matlab. The first issue I met is reading the data exported by Edge impulse as these files are all json.file, I don’t even know if Matlab can read the files correctly. If so, does anyone know how to plot the trajectory by using the accelerations on Matlab?
Ty so much
My project ID is: 81328

Also, can anyone provide some tutorials about how the neural networks work? And how to optimise the accuracy by changing the architecture.

Draw the trajectory, a start point can be:

Tutorials check: EI Coursera Course

The data you have collected is in a csv file? If yes, I don’t understand the need for json. You can read csv files into matlab (readmatrix).

I used data forwarder to collect the data, and when I try to export the data from Edge impulse, only JSON or WAV is available.
Is there anyway to convert the JSON file to CSV?

Currently, I have not much experience with json in Matlab.

Maybe check Convert data format: JSON to CSV. It is an example written in node.js.