Only 5 deploymention options availables

Hey everyone.
can someone please help me to identify why im not able to get more options to generated a deployment on this project?
Im trying to download this as a arduino project, but im not able to see more options beside this 5
Is a simple project of movement.

Project ID: 256873

Context/Use case:

I know…it not very intuitive, right?

Start here:

The start tying into the textbox, "a…r…d…u…i…n…o…:

Thanks a lot for the reply, love the help in the community.

Unfortunately even if I write it , don’t show me any more options :frowning:
Thanks again for the help

That is interesting. Yours shows Arduino Nicla Voice and mine does not.

This is either a very poor UI design or a bug. @louis what is happening here?

Any idea on this one @louis ?

@MMarcial and @reyesfred93,

The search feature on the deployment page automatically filters based on the type of blocks you are using. As you have specifically chosen a “Syntiant IMU” block, only Syntiant-based boards will be shown for deployment options, as the Syntiant hardware is a special AI accelerator that only works with specific software/models.

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Thanks a lot @shawn_edgeimpulse