Omni Directional Microphones on ST IoT Discovery Kit

Hi, I just noticed that the ST IoT Discovery Kit has omni directional microphones on-board, probably the only board Right now.

The EdgeImpulse studio currently supports access to one of them. In a future update, would it be possible to add a support to access both of them as 2 different axis during data collection. This could possibly help in identifying direction of Audio recieved including Amplitude distribution.


Interesting… When I wrote the firmware for that I’m pretty sure the driver only gave me a mono signal. @Arjan is this something we can track?

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I’m not exactly sure, if both these microphones carry out the same function, however, this is what is mentioned on the document page -

  • 2 digital omnidirectional microphones (MP34DT01)

Visual plot of Sensors -


I will take a look at it. Surely interesting to use both microphones.

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