Object detection YOLOv5 can only be used RGB?

Currently encountering, I upload a grayscale image to the database, and select grayscale for the image, and select yolov5 training for object detection, and an error occurs.
I would like to ask if there is any way and suggestion to help me

Please post the error.

Where do you see YOLOv5? When I try to add a Learning Block I do not see YOLOv5.

I see:

Hi MMarcial,
I am using object detection, and I want to choose a different model.


Hello @Max_Chen,

The Yolov5 version (from Ultralytics) that we provide as a community learning block is using the yolov5n weights and has been pre-trained with RGB images only.
You can add your own custom learning block, see Custom learning blocks - Edge Impulse Documentation.

Feel free to share your custom learning block with the community too, Iā€™d be happy to test it and reference it!



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