Object Detection with Bounding Boxes on Windows

Good day everyone, I’m just starting with Edge Impulse, and I’m doing object recognition according to the following tutorial(link)
To perform object recognition, I’m using my computer with the available camera, and I’ve been able to complete all the steps except for the last one where you download your project onto a compatible board. Currently, I don’t have any of the boards mentioned in the list. Right now, I’m only recognizing objects, but my goal is to be able to count them.
I would like to know how I can run the project on my computer, which has Windows 10 (if possible), what programs I need to install to carry out this action.
I hope you can provide the necessary help as I am a beginner in image processing.

  • Within the EdgeImpulse Studio you can use the Live Classifcation page.

  • If you want to take some custom action based on an inference you can deploy a Web Assembly from the Studio.

A 3rd option is and maybe the easiest method is to goto the EdgeImpulse Studio Dashboard page and use the Run This Model feature.


You can do this from your phone or PC.

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Hello MMarcial, thank you very much for responding. I’ve been conducting tests and created a small application to detect two types of objects just as you mentioned in your response. I was able to recognize them; this example I did with FOMO.

My goal is to count objects through a Python application in Visual Studio Code, which runs on my Windows PC. However, I’m not sure in what format to download the application.

By the way, Edge Impulse recognizes my laptop’s camera.
If you could be so kind as to please guide me or provide me with instructions, I would appreciate it.


@MiguelCusCo You can try something like this Python example that takes a command line arguments for the EIM model file and an image file that will give you near real-time predictions. You could then modify the code to read your camera and do real-time predictions.

Here is a tutorial showing how to make EdgeImpulse Model (EIM) files.

This is a Linux solution since EIMs only run on Linux so you’ll need to run something like Docker on Windows or boot your computer from a thumb-drive configured for a bootable Ubuntu.

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Thank you very much for responding. I will conduct some tests as you suggest, and when I have the results, I will share them with you. Thank you very much for your help

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