Numpy.hpp not recognizing #include <cfloat> in cube IDE

Uploaded .pack file to cube IDE but compile fails due to being unable to recognize #include in the header file numpy.hpp under DSP. Tried updating cube IDE and restarting the application but it can’t find the file or directory for it. My project is currently running in c not c++ if that means anything.
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Hi @Isaac_Gaul,

You’ll need to convert first your project to C++, you can read more about the procedure in our tutorial here.


Thank you for pointing that out, I had missed that step. However, even after trying it I’m still stuck with the same issue as before with ‘cfloat’ causing a fatal error with no file or directory. I’ve attempted to install my package in other projects but the error is consistent. I’m not entirely sure why my programs have an error with ‘cfloat’.