Nrf5340 + Nucleo board tip - use paper insulator, then push pins in as far as you can

Just a tip for users of the nrf5340 with the Nucleo sensor board - at first, I was being too careful not to let unwanted pins from the nrf5340 board touch the Nucleo board that the pins from the Nucleo board were not fully contacting. This resulted in strange behaviors such as when taking an accelerometer sample, the sampling would always freeze at the 1 second remaining mark, and microphone samples completed but were ‘empty’.
I suspected the Nucleo pins were not fully making contact, so I put a piece of paper over the pins on the 5340 that are not supposed to make contact with the Nucleo board, then plugged in the Nucleo board firmly such that if the paper insulator wasn’t present, the unwanted 5340 pins would surely make contact.
After adding this paper insulator and plugging the Nucleo in firmly, I was then able to successfully collect both accelerometer and microphone data samples.


Thanks a lot @mdoser

Thanks @mdoser, I used a piece of paper folded and inserted it between the DK and the sheild.

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