nRF52 Data acquisition system failed capture sample

I’m working on edge impulse data acquisition from a IMU sensor (MPU-6050) with nRF52832. Capturing sample results as system failed while taking samples at data acquisition Interface. Edge Impulse only takes samples for few times out of many trying. Mostly it gives me error called “system failed” on Edge Impulse Interface. I’m trying to change values of sampling frequencies but not getting much success. Can anyone help me diagnosing the issue?

More background- Project is related to fitness Punch type detection. We’ve nRF52 with IMU sensors sends data over Bluetooth to nRF52 DK board. Further nRF52 DK board is connected with edge impulse data forwarder via UART. Data flow as - IMU Hardware via BLE → nRF52 DK board → UART converter → Edge Impulse data forwarder.

Hello @prakashram72,

Which sampling frequency are you trying to use?
That system failed issue is strange I don’t recall having seen that error. Could you provide a screenshot?
Just to make sure, your sampling frequency is constant correct?



Hi @louis Thanks for you response,

I’m working with 15hz sampling frequency.

When my IMU sensor is sitting idle stage, and I click on capture samples at 15 Hz, the edge impulse take reading successfully.

But when I start shaking faster IMU sensor, Edge Impulse generate the error called system failed.

If you’ve ever work with IMU sensor, can you please guide me.


Command line screenshot,

Oh ok I see,

Can you try to output your values in the following format in your serial console: