Npm install -g edge-impulse-cli

Try to run this but getting lots of warnings and errors.

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Context/Use case:
on a Mac
Arduino CLI is installed
Python 3 is installed
Node.js 14 installed
Arduino NANO 33BLE Sense Rev2 is connected.
flash_mac.command installed
pressed RESET button once to launch the new firmware.

hello Edge Impulse community.
so I could still not install Edge Impulse CLI but could connect via the Chrome browser after I flashed your firmware again onto the board.

now comes the next problem though. I cannot collect data from the accelerator. The other sensors like the mic seem to work.

I checked with Arduino. Got a sketch compiled and then it worked perfectly. So it is NOT the accelerator sensor but again some stuff on your end.
Thanks in advance. This must be please resolved otherwise I am unable to continue and will have to stop this project.
Maybe I get it run with Arduino 's support all.

Do I understand correctly that the IMU is working correcty and that you can read data from the IMU? Is the goal to collect data for training and testing a model?

Maybe you can save it to a CSV file and upload it to EI. Check Data Collection with Custom Sensor.

Hi. Yes indeed. I want to collect data (doing movements with the board) and then train a model with that data. I do not get accelerometer data though with Edge Impulse. Testing it with Arduino program it works fine all.

Hello @Raha,

Currently the REV2 is not supported on Edge Impulse using the default firmware.
I invite you to use the data forwarder to collect data from the IMU: Data forwarder - Edge Impulse Documentation



ah Ok. thought so as they use a Bosch accelerator chipset.

Thanks Louis.

Will take a look at Data forwarder then.

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