Not a numpy.. error

Greetingd Impulsers,
I am trying to run a simple entomology classifier through the studio. I labelled all my images At the NN Classifier stage I get a “job failed” error message.
Training output
Creating job… OK (ID: 1279041)
Copying features from processing blocks…
Not a numpy file, marker was 0x7b and magic string was "vers
Copying features from processing blocks OK
Job failed (see above)

Any idea why this is happening ? If I had layers or try to rerun the feature extraction step it still fails with the same message. I have >409000 features. I am quite a noob on EI so please bear with me if the answer is obvious .

Hello @Thomas_Launey,

I noticed on your project that you have two processing blocks, one image and one raw data.
On the Object Detection model, the raw data won’t be taken into account as the MobileNetV2 SSD FPN-Lite 320x320 we are using only take 320x320 pixels RGB, thus you’ll need to resize it with the Image processing block,

Can you remove the raw data processing block from the Create Impulse view and save your Impulse again.



Thanks Louis, that was indeed the source of the problem. Works great now