Node-RED integration

I think that Node-RED and edge impulse would form a very nice wedding.

I am especially thinking about the development of a specific node-red node that makes it very easy to use an impulse in a node-red flow. Note that Node-RED can be extended by anyone through the creation of new nodes.

The work to do so might not be that big as node-red is a node.js application and edge impulse already supports the local execution of an impulse using node.js (see ).

Node-RED has a very vibrant community in the domain of edge computing so I can only see win-wins when it becomes easy to integrate both worlds.

I use Node-Red with Raspberry Pi a lot and just started using Edge Impulse. The combination of both would be very useful.

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That would be nice! I’ve already searched for an edge impulse node but couldn’t find it :wink:

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