No 3D Feature Explorer Graph in Spectral Analysis Block

I’m using a spectral analysis block on time-series data from an accelerometer. Also, I’m choosing the input axes of accX, accY, and accZ to the block. After saving the parameters followed by generating the features, in the feature explorer tab, I get a 2D graph that shows the locations of different labeled data but the axes are unmarked. It makes it hard to interpret the graph and understand what (or why) features were selected to generate the graph at hand.

I did notice in some cases that as the features are being generated, a 3D graph with visualization layers appears briefly before it switches over to a 2D graph with unlabeled axes. I figure if my input data is 3-dimensional, isn’t there a way I can see 3D visualizations? In tutorials that I’ve seen, the 3D graphs that appeared intermittently were along the lines of what I expected for accelerometer data.

Project ID: 263750

Hi @omar.hiari

The 3D representation was removed to make the user experience easier for autolabelling / lasso selection.

Doing this in a 3D space would be deemed a poor experience on the user.