NiclaSense and BHI260AP / SelfLearning AI

I just purchased an arduino NiclaSense board, while learning to use EdgeImpulse.
The board includes the BHI260AP which supports self-learning AI for fitness tracking activities.
It is not clear to me if the model which I can create by using EdgeImpulse can run on the Bosch AI sensor, or on the main nRF52832 MCU.

much appreciated

Hi @dansam,

When you upload the Edge Impulse model to the NiclaSense, it will run on the nRF52832. The SDK for the BHI260AP is not open source and has not been released for Arduino, so it will be difficult to program the sensor directly without paying Bosch. See this thread for more information: Program BHI260AP directly on the Nicla Sense ME

The BHI260AP_SDK_1.1.8.0 is available to download and build firmware (
and an example on how to trigger the selflearning AI .

also interesting the New use cases for the BHI260AP and the Self-Learni... resource ( check the link at the end…apparently the BHY2 is still used as interface)

yeah… it’s pity to have an AI smart sensor and not being able to use it somehow easily :’(