Nicla vs RASyn Differences

I see a huge difference in the time required for Find Posterior Parameters. In the Stop-Go project the Nicla Voice board takes maybe 5-10 minutes. The RASyn board takes 2-3 hours.
Worse, on a similar project ( Martin / Speech Directions on Voice Board) Find Parameters eventually completes, but the Build fails with the message below. I assume OOM means Out-Of-Memory. Is that due to local memory or cloud-based memory, and what can I do to fix that?

Project ID:
#1: Martin / Syntiant-RC-Go-Stop Nicla
#2: Martin / Speech Directions on Voice Board

Context/Use case:
/app/ line 34: 12 Killed python3 -u $SCRIPTPATH/ --model_architecture DenseNet --saved_model /tmp/savedmodel/model.h5 --x_path /data/X_train_features.npy --y_path /data/y_train.npy --posterior_parameters /home/input/posterior_parameters.json
Application exited with code 137 (OOMKilled)
Job failed (see above)

Hi @mjenkel

A different tool is used, for the Nicla Voice TDK v1.13 is used, for the rasyn NDP model convert v1.1.2.

The time reported is for the same project ?

OOM means Out Of Memory, and in this case it’s cloud-based, training is done on the cloud.
If you don’t mind, can you give me the correct ID or link for the projects? I’ll check what cause the OOM.