Nicla Voice Error on Firmware Upload

Hello guys! I am working right now with the Nicla Voice and Edge Impulse. I have connected the board to my Edge Impulse account using a Windows machine. I trained a simple motion detection model (using the onboard IMU) and got to the deployment step. I have built the firmware, but when I try to upload the flash_windows.bat file, I get the following error:

Platform 'arduino-git:mbed' not found: unknown package arduino-git
Platform arduino-git:mbed is not found in any known index

I don’t know how to fix this error. Do you know what is happening and what can be done to fix the error? Thanks in advance for the help!


Looks like an issue with the mbed for the nicla.
Check if it’s installed by using: arduino-cli core
Or install the mbed using the arduino ide board manger.
Also when running the .bat file make sure the .bin file is in the same directory

Hi @josea.bagur

there is an error in the .bat, please replace line number 11
set BOARD=arduino-git:mbed:nicla_voice
set BOARD=arduino:mbed_nicla:nicla_voice
like here: firmware-arduino-nicla-voice/arduino-win-build.bat at 6f1b85a3e6831e8b70806ca9998f456fe37f2778 · edgeimpulse/firmware-arduino-nicla-voice · GitHub
meanwhile we will fix it.
thank you!



@ei_francesco Thank you, that was the solution. Now I can upload the firmware to my Nicla Voice :slight_smile: