New user query connecting to S3 on AWS

Question/Issue: I am getting a Failed to Verify Credentials connecting to my S3 bucket. Need some help as i am a new user.
I have given my Access Key id and the password for IAM user + the bucket name, path in bucket and region.
Not sure what password i should use?

Project ID:

Context/Use case:

It’s the secret key that you need to provide, not the IAM password.

This password, never share it :wink: Don’t worry, we only store hashes of your secret key so it won’t be visible even by us.

To create a new API key, got to IAM:


And finally:

I hope that helps.



Thanks Louis. However, I am still getting the below error.
I am using the AccessKey/ SecretAccessKey combo.


You selected Amazon S3 correct? Or S3 compatible?
Can you share a screenshot (hiding your S3 credential) of the bucket setup in the studio please?



This is in AWS

This is where i am giving the credentials in EdgeImpulse:

Thanks for sharing,

I just tried again I can successfully add a bucket from S3.
What did you put for the region?
You can find your bucket’s region under the S3 page:




Got it now!
i was giving the whole region name as EU (Ireland) eu-west-1 and it required only eu-west-1.

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